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About Us

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeIn”]JB Signature is a premium decorative line of kitchen and bath plumbing products, exclusively marketed by JB Products. JB Signature combines European styling and craftsmanship with quality and value.

JB Signature products include decorative kitchen and bath plumbing accessories like sink basket strainers, garbage disposal wastes, drop-in disposal flanges, bar and shower strainers, and more. The products are available in a full line of premium finishes including brushed nickel, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, Venetian bronze and others, evidence of the product’s true European heritage.

JB Products, a FPC International, Inc. company, has been a leading supplier of innovative plumbing products for wholesalers, contractors and specialty builders for more than 30 years. The company is based in South Bend, Ind. For more information about JB Products, please visit www.jb-products.com.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

Product Brochure

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Featured Products

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JBX130 Oil Rubbed Bronze Disposal Trim

Disposal Trim Oil Rubbed Bronze, boxed. Molded from Kocetal K300 plastic, they are resistant to chipping and scratching like powder coated flanges. Simply snap these patented trims into your existing disposal flange. You do not need to remove the disposal unit from the sink.

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JBX125 Metal Disposal Flanges

Disposal Flange Stainless Steel, boxed. Fits Insinkerator disposals and similar brands. It replaces the factory disposal flange.

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JBX119M Matte White Disposal Trim

Disposal Trim Matte White, boxed. Molded from Kocetal K300 plastic, they are resistant to chipping and scratching like powder coated flanges. Simply snap these patented trims into your existing disposal flange. You do not need to remove the disposal unit from the sink.

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JB Signature Products

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JB Signature Products

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Available on these Products:

  • Strainers
  • Disposal Flanges
  • Disposal Trims
  • Evolution Trims
  • Deep Disposal Flanges
  • Air Gaps
  • Air Switches
  • Drinking Tap Faucets
  • Bath Conversion Kits
  • Bottle Traps
  • Lav Kits
  • Square Drains and Stops
  • Vessel Drains
  • Decorative Stops
  • Supply Tubes
  • Stop Kits
  • Flanges
  • Nipples
  • Shower Drain Covers
  • Shower Heads and Arms
  • Tank Levers
  • Bar Strainers
  • Decorative Towel Bars
*The finishes may be different based on the setting and quality of your monitor.

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JB Signature Redefines Class in Your Showroom!

Available now, JB Signature has released two attractive and versatile point-of-purchase displays that capture the unique European design of the popular kitchen and bath products inside any showroom!

The JB Signature in-store displays are available in two configurations to fit virtually any showroom configuration! The JB Signature floor display version includes a modern JB Signature logo-embossed plexi-glass base, and the slat-wall version features a convenient and easy-to-use, slat-wall attachment for showrooms with limited space. Both displays feature actual accessories and fixture samples on an attractive, rich brown wood.

The displays include these samples:

  • Sink strainers
  • Disposal wastes
  • Bathwaste trim kits
  • Supply stops
  • Toilet tank levers
  • P-Traps